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Entrasol - a Journey to Market Leadership

Entrasol, one among the many contenders for adult calcium milk category, has been a household name in Indonesia for years. When Space & Shapes took on Entrasol’s digital communication project, one of our biggest challenges was to overtake the race among already well-known brands and become the leader in adult nutrition needs

Leveraging Consumers’ trends
After multiple consumer survey and researches, we discovered that Entrasol had an opportunity to differentiate the brand. While Entrasol was already one of its kind in term of nutritional value with the infusion of Hytolive extract, consumers’ awareness of this proposition and benefit is still extremely low. Furthermore, we uncovered that there was some erosion on the communication attributes of relevance and information - attributes that the most powerful brands in the health category were thriving on.

To help Entrasol stand out from the crowd, we determined that it could leverage two trends aligned with consumers’ evolving mindset: a continuously younger start towards the quest for healthy lifestyle and the growing desire for healthy ageing. This led us to a very clear strategy: address the fears and concerns towards ageing, elaborate the shift to healthier habits, and paint a narrative of how Entrasol can be a part of it all.

Optimized Communication
The updated content plan and brand narrative provides an optimistic outlook and inspiration towards healthy ageing. Following this transformation, we created new visuals by building on the inherent strength of health-driven brand elements. The simplified and clean design with soft, almost translucent background strokes as texture brings forward a sense of sophistication and reliability.

Taken together, these changes positioned Entrasol as a premium category leader while being distinctive to competitors. Most importantly, the combination of these two components improved communication with followers and consumers.

Attaining Category Leadership
Overall, our communication strategy speaks to changing consumer trends. Statistics from social media showed an overwhelming increase of more than 3000 followers within the first 4 months, already exceeding the total growth of what was achieved the previous year. Followers’ positive sentiment can also be seen from the escalated engagement of 164 to 302 interactions per content.


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