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Diabetasol - Putting a Human Face to Diabetes

When Space & Shapes was first invited to pitch with the brief of helping to get Diabetasol’s message out, brand team expected a straight forward product superiority and expert claim type of communication. What they got was an entirely new perspective and strategy to fight Diabetes and a community wide involvement to care and love.

Disconnection Between Perception and Reality
A research from Perkumpulan Endokrinologi Indonesia (Perkeni) shows that 1 out of 25 Indonesians suffer from Diabetes, making Indonesia the 7th nation in the world with most diabetic cases. It was even estimated that with every 8 seconds, one patient would pass away from Diabetes. However, many participants are still reported to have felt indifferent towards their own condition, as symptoms from the disorder might have been hardly perceivable. This disconnect between perception and reality gave us a springboard to shifting the conversation.

Emotions to Inspire Actions
Focusing on the brand message, Space & Shapes took a vastly different tack from the typical sufferer-driven campaigns that pushes them towards finding solution. We chose instead to focus on the importance of being healthy and emotionally inspire action through a layered communication called #BersamaDia.

Putting human connection to the disorder lies at the center of this approach. Emotionally driven visuals and topics foster awareness of people surrounding diabetic sufferer - families, friends, relatives - who love them, instead of the patients themselves. With understanding and compassion replacing indifference, personal active involvement has risen dramatically.

Support goes viral
Following the emotional focused initiation of #BersamaDia, Diabetasol has gathered supports stronger than ever from their consumers and followers. Within the first few months of their launch on Instagram, organic engagement skyrocketed from just an average of 111 interactions to more than 500 interactions per post. Followers are also increasing at more than 200% the pace of their previous record, with an estimated growth of 350 to 400 users per month.


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