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Intern HR (unavailable)

Jakarta, Indonesia

Job Type

3- 6 Month Internship

About the Role

1. Handle sourcing activities such as proof-reading candidates' datas, setting candidate interviews and gathering talents for the company's talent pool

2. Produce reports related to the HR department

3. Analyze and optimize the company's policy

4. Constantly keep the company's internal database updated with recent information updates from employees

5. Contribute in employee training processes

6. Analyze, review, and adapt the company’s HR methodical approaches and technology

7. Implement and analyze the company’s effectiveness via performance reviews of every member

8. Manage and form strategic teams on company Employer Branding

9. Fulfill all daily execution needs on HR department team

10. Develop unique programs for the company’s employee engagement


  1. Familiar with Human Resources field

  2. Demonstrable leadership abilities

  3. Solid communication skills

  4. Existent collaborative skills and proactivity in handling teamwork

  5. Humility to absorb new information and lessons regarding managing company's employees

  6. Fluent with written English language


1. Paid Internship
2. Hybrid Working (Jabodetabek)
3. Per Project Bonus
4. 3-6 Days of PTO (Depends on Intern Month) exclude Sick Leave
5. Internship Certificate

About the Company

Space&Shapes is a digital brand transformation agency, here to make an extraordinary difference: for our clients, our partners, and the interconnected world around us.

Data-driven insights and mind-blowing visuals. Business strategy and brand purpose. Expression and experience. Expertise and empathy. We mix the left and right, working together, to go beyond what was expected. We are the scientists and cosmic explorers of internet culture, working to transform brands and businesses, to drive growth.

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